A Performance Game Changer

High Specific power and energy. Cell to pack. Safe.

  • 650 V
  • 11.7 kWh
  • 62 kg
  • 200 kW

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  • Continuous discharge of 55 kW
  • Energy density of 188 Wh/kg
  • Charge time of 15 minutes

With gravimetric energy density of 188 Wh/kg at pack level, continuous discharge of 55 kW, and a charge time of 15 minutes, BOLDhp is a performance game changer

200 kW packed into a mere 62 kg, all within a compact 100 mm height

It’s in the name.

Safety testing of our batteries

BOLDhp (high-performance) combines unparalleled power with cutting-edge lightweight design, delivering 5C continuous and 22C peak.

Tested &

High-performance F1 car

BOLDhp incorporates active cooling, a venting port for gas release and prevention of cell propagation, ensuring safety during thermal runaway.

Optimum energy

BOLD's innovation team

NCA | 21700 chemistry cells contribute to a higher energy density in BOLDhp, leading to optimum energy storage and best overall performance.

Scalable battery module with simple configuration software

Combine up to 36 packs, from 11.7 kWh to 421.2 kWh in capacity

One product for all high-performance applications

    Niche Automotive & Motorsport

    • 4 packs
    • 46.8 kWh
    • 646 V

    eVTOL & Aviation

    • 4 packs
    • 46.8 kWh
    • 646 V

    Off-Road Vehicles & High Energy Systems

    Heavy-duty Vehicle
    • 6 packs
    • 70.2 kWh
    • 646 V

Safety validation testing

  • Certifications

    IP67 and UN38.3

  • Vibration profiles

    Physicial validation

  • Shock

    Tested to 22G

  • Thermal runaway

    No cell-to-cell propagation

Send us your power profile, and we'll simulate your application with BOLDhp


    In order to simulate your application, please follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Energy Profile Template file:

    Energy Profile Template
  • Fill the file with your application data.

  • Complete the following form and attach your Energy Profile file completed.