A 140+ people team made up of
top engineers and technicians

Collaboration and a strong team are crucial for excellence

Beyond developing high-performance battery packs and offering advanced engineering services, we prioritise building a strong team. Our success hinges on mutual support and shared expertise.

We’re committed to pushing boundaries in electrification and engineering, fuelled by passion, determination, and teamwork.

Our culture fosters positivity, communication, and solidarity, ensuring our innovative ideas become reality. Through shared gratitude, our team celebrates each other’s contributions to our achievements.

Our leaders

Our values

Helping our technology partners succeed with these values in mind

  • Customer obsession

    Be accountable, be communicative, be unforgettable.

  • Ownership

    Be engaged, be passionate, be committed, be reliable.

  • Integrity

    Be inspiring, be trustworthy, be supportive, be compassionate.

  • Boldness

    Be innovative, be confident, be fearless, be resilient, be authentic.

  • Excellence

    Be the best, be relentless, be positive, be humble.

Diversity isn't just a checkbox – it's a key element of our success

With team members hailing from nearly 20 different countries and speaking 8 languages, our Montmeló headquarters is a vibrant hub of cultures and perspectives.

This not only enriches our workplace but also benefits our customers, providing them with cultural sensitivity, multilingual support, and invaluable global market insights.

Our team’s diverse backgrounds, spanning industries like motorsport and aerospace, empower us to innovate and adapt seamlessly, ensuring exceptional experiences for our customers worldwide.

Marta Cebrián, quality manager
Marta Cebrián
Quality manager
Pasquale Di Maria
Pasquale De María
Composite Design Engineer
Franco Summermatter
Franco Summermatter
Chief of Airworthiness

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