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A company is born

Find the right job for you!

Finding the right job may prove to be a difficult task. After all, no one can say for certain what the ‘right job’ is. The ‘right job’ is in the eye of the beholder. Some would tell you the key factors they seek in a job is status. They hope to find a job to impress others by associating themselves with big brand names, thereby giving glamour to their occupation. Others would tell you they are drawn to a job with a flexible timetable that would allow them enough free time in the evenings to enjoy their pastimes or match up to their family’s needs. What appeals to those who work at Bold may vary, but we do share a common vision we are all here to radically unleash electrification with highly optimized energy storage systems and light weight structures. At the end of the day, what is rewarding is knowing you did a job well done. All the Bold Valuable Tech team members get to experience the satisfaction of seeing their high-tech, advanced engineering renderings materialize into highperforming components which are put to the test in various applications such as drones, industry and even Formula 1. At Bold, we seldom put a limit as to where our solutions can be used. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves.  

Bold moves to Barcelona

Bold Valuable Tech is currently growing and we are looking to build our team with new members with a thirst to unveil the many potential advances waiting to be made in battery packs for use in all types of vehicles. Furthermore, our current and future colleagues will also have a chance to work on carbon fiber components for various products. Seeing the pattern of growth with more and more demand, we are in search of a new location where we have an abundance of space for the team to work and our own in-house battery manufacturing plant. The new area for the office and manufacturing plant has been narrowed down to Vallès. This is clearly a prime location considering that it is only 30 minutes from Barcelona’s city center. It is also in the same neck of the woods as El Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. As much as Barcelona is one of Europe’s top 5 start-up cities, the region of Vallès is a sprawling hub for the automotive and motorsport industry and related technologies. It is a great place for a company like Bold to be and mingle with our own kind. 

Location, location, location

Let’s not overlook the proximity to Barcelona. This internationally renowned city is alive with culture, flare and fanfare. It is undeniable this historical port city has attracted visitors from all around the globe creating an open-minded atmosphere. Locals and foreign residents alike can relish in the original version cinema of Verdi, the world-famous bravas of Bar Tomás, a sandwich and glass of Cava in Can Paixano or do some world-class window shopping all over the city. Not to mention the world-famous architecture of Antoni Gaudi that the dots the whole city and other museums and art exhibits galore! If you feel like getting out of the city, you can hit the slopes in winter just a couple hours away. If the beach scene is your thing, you have miles upon miles of Mediterranean coastline to choose from – in or out of the city. The city itself has grown to be quite bicycle friendly, with special bike lanes every which way throughout and even a city service for rental. For the more adventurous in spirit, there is a natural park that offers up mountain bike and hiking trails without having to ignite your car, just hop on your bike and head up Mount Tibidabo. This is a city where the choices are endless. While you get the big city perks, the neighborhoods themselves often give off a small-town vibe. With all basic the necessities at an arm’s length, some residents would even remark that they never actually leave their neighborhood, and they are quite content with that. 


Be part of the team

While Bold Valuable Tech is itself a start-up company, the team members accumulate over 15 years of experience in the motorsport industry or similar. Since around 2018, we have delivered a great variety of originally designed and in-house tested solutions to our trusted technology partners. The team itself can be proud of how far we have come thus far. This can only be done through careful team building, being sure to foster an environment free from toxic behavior in favor of one that nurtures talent and potential. If you like what you see, we just might have the job for you! Take a look at the current vacancies and send us your CV.  

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