“The industry is being shaken up by countless talented and innovative women”, BOLD celebrates Women in Engineering Day

To celebrate Women in Engineering Day 2023, we chatted to our brilliant Quality Manager Marta Cebrián Sánchez about her experiences in the industry.

Marta Cebrián Sánchez in BOLD’s Production Room

What made you interested in a career in engineering?

Ever since I was a child, my natural curiosity about how things work has driven me to constantly tinker and explore. Whether it was disassembling toys, playing with chemistry sets for kids, or experimenting with mentos and coke, I’ve always been fascinated. Pursuing engineering not only allows me to satisfy my inquisitive nature but also provides a platform to tackle challenges by comprehending the intricate workings of products and processes.

What´s your career background?

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with many top tier automotive companies. I started out in quality production, where I experiences the complexities and challenges of operating a production plant. Progressing into product and supplier quality engineering, and quality manager roles, I honed my expertise in product quality planning, comprehensive validation of purchased parts, and managing supplier quality throughout the entire lifecycle. Equipped with this wealth of experience, I was ready to take on the role of Quality Manager at BOLD.

Where has your career taken you over the years?

In the early days, I was based in my hometown of Zaragoza. I was soon offered the opportunity to move to Bratislava, Slovakia which opened doors to an international environment and allowed me to engage with suppliers from all over the world. The invaluable experience taught me how to adapt to different cultures, positioning me well to thrive within BOLD’s multicultural team.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far?

For me the biggest challenge is finding the balance between ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining competitive edge in business. To combat this, I prioritise the promotion of our strong product designs centred around proactive problem prevention and process optimisation.

What advice would you give to other women hoping to launch a career in engineering?

Never doubt yourself and do what you’re passionate about! There’s no denying that engineering was once a traditionally male-dominated field but as workplaces continue to diversify, the industry is being shaken up by countless talented and innovative women. I’m so pleased to work for a company that continuously encourages and celebrates women in engineering, today and every day.

When did you join BOLD?

I joined during a very exciting period of growth and transformation, just over a year ago. The company has grown by over 100 employees since then and I’m grateful to have been a part of the journey.

What made you interested in BOLD?

BOLD stood out to me as its driven by innovation and continuous research into cutting-edge technologies.

What do you like most about working at BOLD?

BOLD’s startup environment provides a unique opportunity to leverage the knowledge and expertise I have acquired over the years, whilst learning from colleagues with their own unique experiences in other fields. My role at BOLD gives me the opportunity and autonomy to directly contribute to customer experiences and build a high-quality foundation for the company’s technology development.

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