Welcome to the team Jordi Schaefer

BOLD’s Applied Engineering department eagerly welcomes Jordi Schaefer as our new Technical Director. With over two decades of experience working for prominent German OEMs, Jordi is poised to revolutionise the department, leading it towards becoming a pioneering technology company for automotive OEMs focused on low to medium volumes.

Jordi’s expertise, rooted in precision, quality, and innovation, will be instrumental in elevating our services to meet the high demands of our Formula 1 and motorsports clientele. Under Jordi’s visionary guidance, BOLD remains committed to preserving its motorsport DNA, ensuring our continued adaptability and agility, which sets us apart from other engineering companies in the industry.

From pioneering crashworthiness innovations at VW to leading teams at EDAG in vehicle architecture engineering for BMW, Jordi’s career spans multiple disciplines and continents. His leadership roles in Japan, Korea, and Europe, coupled with his stints at prestigious automotive firms like Audi and BMW, highlight his successful career journey. Jordi’s vision extends beyond automobiles, with a keen interest in smart city projects and emerging technologies. Beyond engineering, Jordi has an adventurous spirit, as seen in his love for sailing and mountaineering. Having originally studied Mechanical Engineering in Barcelona, Jordi’s new role at BOLD brings him back to his roots.

Jordi’s experience managing multidisciplinary teams will enhance the successful partnerships we have with multiple motorsports teams. Well positioned to structure and train our talented team, Jordi will enhance BOLD’s current operations and integrate structured procedures to lay a strong foundation to deliver unrivalled services at faster than ever. Jordi is already establishing a forward-looking strategy that channels our energy towards prioritising and serving our clients effectively. Through developing vehicles with high-voltage systems, Jordi also hopes to unlock more synergies between our engineering and electrification divisions, fostering collaboration and propelling us towards innovation and success.

Are you interested in joining Jordi’s team?

BOLD is continuously on the lookout for talented people to join our fast-growing, dynamic team. Currently, we have numerous opportunities available in Mechanical Design across the United Kingdom and Spain. Visit our website to learn more https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/boldvaluabletechnology

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