The Role of FARO Arm in Quality Assurance

FARO arm

In our pursuit of customer satisfaction at BOLD, the FARO Arm stands as a pivotal tool, ensuring precision and reliability throughout our production process. Our expert Quality Manager Marta Cebrián explains how we use the FARO Arm at BOLD and how it directly impacts our customer satisfaction.  

The FARO Arm serves as a versatile instrument, allowing us to measure critical characteristics of our products, from individual components to the final assembly of batteries. By meticulously defining and scrutinizing each aspect of our products, we not only meet customer requirements but also ensure compatibility and reliability at every stage of production. Here’s how it integrates seamlessly into our workflow:

  • Early Validation: We start by defining critical characteristics and validating supply parts against specifications, guaranteeing quality from the outset.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The FARO Arm allows us to monitor critical characteristics continuously, minimizing losses and maintaining consistency.
  • Final Inspection: As we near completion, the FARO Arm ensures meticulous final inspections, meeting our customers’ exacting standards.
  • Adaptability and Control: With its versatility, the FARO Arm seamlessly transitions between areas, providing unparalleled control over production.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Through precise data processing and reporting, we ensure transparency and adherence to quality standards.

At BOLD, our commitment is unwavering – we prioritise our customers’ satisfaction above all else. By leveraging advanced technologies like the FARO Arm, we guarantee excellence in every product, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and quality.

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