Test Driving Battery Systems with Digital Twins 

BOLD's innovation team

We can provide customers with digital twin models that virtually replicate the real systems. These are based on real test data and mirror the physical processes and conditions involved in the manufacturing of our products. Simulations empower our customers with tools to reduce time to market by eliminating the need to test real prototypes and provide valuable insights into the battery’s behaviour. 

In our process, simulation plays a crucial role right from the initial phase of cell selection. We utilise Equivalent Circuit Models based on experience, supplier test data, or our database to thoroughly analyse the behaviour of the cell, module, and battery pack. Tests conducted at each level are instrumental in developing and validating 1D and 3D models. We also simulate and investigate various cooling strategies to ensure that the battery pack meets the required thermal performance standards. 

Our approach involves cross-functional collaboration between different departments to perfect the battery pack design. Take a look at the video below as our in-house simulation expert and thermal systems engineer Giulio delves into more details on our capabilities. 

Giulio Spedicato – Thermal Systems Engineer: Simulation & Modelling

This technology allows our customers to “test drive” products to ensure alignment with their requirements, giving them a seamless and informed purchasing experience. Here’s how we work: 

  1. The process begins when a customer provides us with a power profile, detailing their specific application, requirements, and usage scenarios. 
  2. Using our in-house advanced testing facilities, we test cells, putting them through the customer’s power profile. This step ensures compatibility and accurate representation of real-world conditions. 
  3. As the cell undergoes testing, we gather the real-time data on its performance characteristics. This data is then analysed and serves as input to our simulation models.  
  4. Leveraging the insights from the individual cell testing, we simulate the performance of a full system.  
  5. Once the simulation is complete and correlated with test data, our customer receives detailed performance information for the entire system. This includes cell SoC, current, voltage, battery pack temperature of cells, heat generation and heat rejection rate, fluid temperature, radiator, or chiller performance. 

With this service, we eliminate the need for physical prototypes and costly trial-and-error processes, saving time and resources while enhancing transparency and confidence in purchasing decisions. To discuss your requirements, please contact our team at sales@boldvaluable.tech

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