Stationary batteries

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As autumn approaches so does the harvesting season. It is the time of year farms are abounded with natural goodness, swelling with the fruit of the farmers’ hard labor. In order to collect all the ripened produce, farmers rely on hardy machinery which swiftly sweeps up nature’s nutrients so as to keep it intact for human or animal consumption. Before the dawn of agriculture, mankind foraged, hunted and gathered their meals. Over thousands of years, we learned to make the land work more efficiently for us and have a more dependable source of food. In return, the process has freed up our time to focus our attention on other needs and interests. Nowadays, we are on the dawn of another era which demands that our energy source evolves. Only, this time we do not have the luxury to take thousands of years to develop an efficient way to harvest it. Our current dependency on fossil fuels has been proven to be detrimental to our well-being, let alone the fact that it is not sustainable. Mirroring today’s food farms is the renewable energy farms. They, too, depend on hardy machinery to harvest energy from the sun, the wind and bodies of water for our consumption. That’s when Bold Valuable Tech steps into the picture.

Farming for energy

natural wind power

Nature’s power has long been harnessed by man. If you have ever hung your clothes out to dry, you have indeed harnessed the power of the sun. Hydropower is centuries old, from watermills that would grind grain or pressed olives into oil to enormous dams that generate electricity for use among large populations. Afterall, it is a sustainable source of energy renewed by rain and snow. By the same token, wind power is also well-known as a sustainable source of energy. As far as hydropower goes, there is no denying its impact on the ecosystem as it inevitably disrupts life in the area surrounding a dam. As regards wind power, one of the most common complaints may be about the noise it makes or the visual impact on the landscape. Regardless of any of their drawbacks, the advantages of tapping into the power of wind, water or the sun, will always outweigh the major disadvantages of fossil fuels. The fact that they are renewable and do not contribute to climate change leaves fossil fuels behind as an outdated energy source. 

The Sun, a powerful ally

harness the pwer of the sun

The sun has been our handy cohort in many of our daily tasks. Now we turn to this tremendous source of energy for creating electricity. Today we can observe the rapid advancement of the rising role solar energy will play in even more aspects of our lives. Whether you call it a solar power plant or a solar energy fleet or solar energy farm, the fact remains that man is working towards deriving benefits from the luminous body we call the sun. There are impressive fields of solar panels all around the globe providing electricity on the utility scales. In the USA, the Mojave Desert has numerous projects and centers with the sole purpose of storing and providing utility-scale power. Utility-scale power refers to power that is fed into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. The world over is actively developing and using solar power. For instance, India’s Bhadla Solar Park spans across an outstanding 14,000 acres.  

The batteries behind the solar panels

behind solar panels

What is true is that all those sleek solar panels are stealing the spotlight. Little is said about the batteries that store the excess energy collected which will not be needed immediately. During the day, the sun’s rays produce much more energy than what is on demand. It is the batteries’ imperative to store all that energy to be accessed later when required. These are not your run-of-the-mill, everyday standard batteries. Rather, these batteries can reach the size of a lorry!   Bold has an exciting project in the works which requires our team’s know-how on designing, testing and manufacturing stationary energy storage solutions (SESS) for one of our trusted partners. In fact, these batteries, which are capable of storing up to 3MWh of energy, could be used for storing excess energy on solar farms as well as wind farms. 

The SESS battery itself

These batteries are to be equipped with an active thermal management system. The battery housing encloses individual cells in modules with a lengthy lifespan. Since they are installed above ground, they will be easily accessed by technicians for maintenance and safety checks. Our Battery Management Systems collects cell performance data and runs statistical analysis to identify underperforming units. In the event that low performance is detected in a specific cell, the technicians will be able to locate the cell within the battery pack and repair it or replace it with a high performing one. There is no cause for concern as to the impact of removing a low performing cell since it can be repurposed and used in a lower demanding application. That is just one of the many benefits of this battery:  its amazing battery life.  

An easy choice

The evidence is clear, if we do not clean up our act and shift to green energy sources, the climate will continue to undergo a rapid and negative transformation. We are all quite decided to start this new era. Just as we have long given up our foraging ways in exchange for a more steady and reliable methods of growing our own food, we must also cease our dependency on outdated and harmful energy sources. Nature offers renewable energy that we can exploit without leaving an enormous carbon footprint in the meantime. Bold proudly pitches in on the effort with our battery solutions. We welcome any chance to collaborate on projects that aim to do the same.  

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