Settled in our new location

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Barcelona has a growing reputation on many ends. Naturally, it is a city abound with activities tourists from all backgrounds can enjoy. One group in particular are motorsport fans that unquestionably link this city with the racetrack adjacent to Barcelona in Montmeló since its inception in 1992. Since then, Barcelona has made their mark in the world of motorsport, attracting drivers and mechanics alike to its track. Not only are there adrenaline-filled races for the public to get the thrill out of, but there is also a lot of training and testing being done behind the scenes. When the opportunity to set up our own headquarters in this motor hub came knocking on our door, Bold Valuable Tech immediately seized it.

Exciting new location

Bold Valuable Tech new site

Without hesitation, Bold Valuable Tech set our sights on being in the thick of all the testing and innovation. We have now settled into our new location which is practically a stone’s throw from the Formula 1 racetrack. Bold’s new offices now hold the capacity for up to 50 engineers and as many as 150 other employees working at this site. In fact, even though we made this move accompanied by our original multi-disciplinary team of experts that date back to Bold’s beginnings in Girona (around 80 kms north of our new location in Montmeló), the company is currently hiring to fill these rest of these stations.  

Apart from the space our offices boast, the most exciting addition may very well be our onsite manufacturing and testing plant. Bold is no stranger to developing technology and managing its production for our clients’ projects. Nonetheless, we foresee a boost in shorter lead times and greater precision as the whole process will be right there for our team of engineers to scrutinize with their own eyes. Having an even tighter control over the start to finish of the high-tech solutions we design can only spell benefits for everyone. Bold plans on putting every inch of the plant’s 3,000 m2 to good use as our clients demands for our engineering services are growing by the day. 

A bright future

Favoring the approach of “if you build it, they will come,” Bold Valuable Tech place our confidence in the future of electric mobility. Perhaps some could argue that we are a bit over the top by setting aside 3,000 m2 for the development and production of high-performing EV technology for our clients and, eventually, our own line. Yet, there is no doubt in our mind that it will one day be fundamental to dispose of so much space; the time will come. We are determined and prepared to be even more heavily involved in high-performance battery technology. Our track record shows our competence in designing and testing compact battery packs and custom-built battery packs, as well as our deep understanding of the various compositions of batteries and each of their specific uses. While our expertise on battery packs has been put under the microscope again and again in the world of F1, there are many other sectors that can and will benefit from our time-tested knowledge. 

If we consider the mobility of today and tomorrow, there is the ever-growing world of eVTOL to explore (electric vehicle take off landing), be it for transporting goods or people. Morgan Stanely had shared their report forecasting the impact of urban air mobility (UAM), which may not reach its full potential until several decades from now. “…[It is predicted] that eVTOL aircraft could be as transformative as automobiles were in the early 20th century and commercial airlines were after the Second World War.”  These crafts that are being perfected in order to find their place in society will need to call upon distinctive batteries, precisely like the ones we are preparing to churn out in the near future. This is just one sector that will inevitably bear witness to a shift towards the necessity of batteries for greater and more efficient electrification of everyday tools we depend on. Naturally, we are also planning ahead for the advent of the popularization of EVs (Electric Vehicles), AVs (autonomous vehicles), battery storage and connected car networks, just to name a few. 

Making strides

No one will argue that setting up a company is easy, let alone doing it in anticipation of what is to come as opposed to what is currently in demand. Nevertheless, Bold firmly stands behind the future of innovation in mobility which aims to minimize our carbon footprint, promotes fair trade and basically makes plain sense for a more prosperous future. If you or your company have this spark and wish to turn your idea into a reality, you’ll find an eager partner in Bold.  

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