Secret to success

Bold Valuable Tech is a company which values our clients’ trust. That is why we guarantee the utmost discretion, often formalized by an NDA.

As our clients are neck and neck with the greatest in their fields, we know all too well how much their competitors would love to get their hands on the tech specs of their newly crafted marvels.

As eager as we may be to put the end results of our expertise on display, all the admiration eventually goes towards our clients. That is the essence of Bold, and that is in part what we mean by dedicating ourselves to value added solutions.

We have no need to publicly display our laurels as long as we know our partners are satisfied, and we did a job well done.

What we can tell you

Keeping sensitive information under wraps that could result in lost profits for our dear partners means that we do not post most of our creations online to share with you. However, we can tell you the rate of success of the customized and in-house tested solutions. Only until we have put every item under every extreme scrutiny, under every kind of situation imaginable, will it be delivered to our clients. We work with our Quality Management System to diligently iron out any issues before they are sent to the customer. If the customer finds non-conformances, it is our duty to swiftly correct the issue and improve the system so this issue does not repeat itself. 

Our components, which compete in F1 with 6 different cars on the grid; 4 F1 cars with a number of components in their battery packs developed by us; Formula E with 2 cars with our composite inverter enclosures; will be in more than 300 parts to our name in the most advanced hyper car ever with a production of only a 100 units; fly around the world continuously at more than 20 km in altitude; a number of batteries for various vehicle applications; and get put to the test in the industry hundreds of times a day.   

We have put our name on more than 4,200 Formula 1 parts since the summer of 2020. Most of them designed in the last 4 months to compete in the World Championship starting in March 2021. We have chosen technologies such as composite materials, machining, and 3D printing that all contribute to fast turnaround and a lightweight solution. 

Considering Bold is in the first 16 months of existence, it is a quite a merit-worthy feat.  

Behind every successful endeavor

Construction F1 trophy

So many of the useful inventions and tools that we have today were thanks to an encouraging or influential partner. Had it not been for the partnership between Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, we probably would not have Apple products as we know them today. Were it not for the close relationship between Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the mass production of the Model T would have surely been very different. Nowadays, such partnerships continue to flourish, albeit perhaps less publicly so. This is understandable as the general public’s overall capability and educational background have opened up the risk that someone else can and will walk away with your idea. While Bold will remain faithfully discreet on most of the stupendous projects we participate in, it stands to reason that we are not in search of prestige or public accolade. We aim to continue creating first-rate technology for our valued partners which will eventually give way to exceptional products, higher efficiency, a lower impact on resources utilized and greater savings. 

Rough around the edges

It is okay to scan your product line and come to admit that some of them just do not quite reach your expectations. Things can always be updated and made to function better. That is, in part, where Bold Valuable Tech excels. It is only natural that the first version of even a popular product is just that – the first version with greater ones to follow. ‘New and improved’ is not just a marketing catch phrase. It could also serve as a personal motto to aim higher and higher for a sturdier, longer-lasting, greater value solution. If you give Bold a chance to revamp your parts, your only regret might be asking yourself why you did not do it sooner. We are eager to work with you to solve your problems and give your products a new, more modern spin. 

prelaminated carbon fiber

Indeed, we can honestly say that there are times that our clients avow for how urgently they need to have the job done on a rush basis. Bold’s team is no stranger to burning the midnight oil. Our clients can depend on us to put in the late nights, weekends and even bank holidays to get those drawings just right and ready to go in the nick of time for manufacturing. We have no qualms with putting in the elbow grease it takes to uphold our reputation as a reliable partner.  

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