One Battery System for All High-Performance Applications: BOLDhp 

Bold Battery

Hear from our Chief Engineer Electrification Programs, Christopher Rini as he introduces BOLDhp: the ultimate off-the-shelf solution for high-performance applications.

With an astonishing 200 kW packed into a mere 62kg and a compact 100mm height, BOLDhp has superior power and energy density. It’s cell-to-pack technology ensures safety without compromising on performance.

At the pack level, it boasts a gravimetric energy density of 188 Wh/kg, along with continuous discharge of 55 kW and a rapid charge time of under 15 minutes. Its modular configuration allows for easy adaptation to various systems and spaces, scalable up to 36 packs with easy-to-use software for seamless control.

Based on Formula 1 battery technology, BOLDhp combines unmatched power with lightweight design, delivering 5C continuous and 22C peak performance. Tested and compliant, it incorporates active cooling and safety features to prevent thermal runaway and utilises NCA | 21700 chemistry cells.

BOLDhp achieves higher energy density for optimal storage and overall superior performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any high-performance application, from eVTOLs to hypercars and trucks, BOLDhp sets a new standard for high-performance.

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