Passion-Powered Progress: BOLD’s Mechanical Design Engineers Share Their Career Journeys

BOLD's Mechanical Design Engineers

Three of BOLD’s Mechanical Design Engineers have one thing in common: They turned their childhood passion into a dream career. As Sunday marked Mechanical Engineering Day 2023, we seized the opportunity to shine a spotlight on their journeys.

Here’s what Miquel Vilamajó, Mechanical Design Engineer had to share:

Miquel Vilamajó, Mechanical Design Engineer

“My curiosity in engines, cars and fixing things started when I was 7. My grandfather bought an old Seat 600 to revive, and I remember rushing home from school every day, desperate to help him with the project.

My career started in thermal engines. Before completing my degree, I joined Telstar, where I designed space simulation chambers for satellite testing before their launch into space. In 2009, I moved to the UK to work at Vacuum’s Pharma branch, but my passion for engines drew me back to Rolls-Royce where I had the opportunity to lead the development of two components for the UltraFan® engine, the next generation of civil jet engines. The UltraFan® engine is the largest civil aviation engine in the world, incorporating a gearbox on the fan shaft for the first time in aviation history, leading to a more efficient engine. It was a major highlight in my career!

I also served as the component design lead for the ‘Outlet Guide Vanes,’ which are responsible for redirecting and reducing the airspeed just before it enters the combustion chambers. These vanes play a crucial role in maintaining combustion and preventing the flame from extinguishing.

Coming from an industry with extensive chains of command and a lot of administrative work, progress was slow. BOLD has been a breath of fresh air in comparison. Here, everything unfolds at a rapid pace, working with clients who equally strive to achieve goals and accomplish projects as efficiently as possible. The pace at BOLD has allowed me to learn and develop at an impressive rate. My primary ambition in this role is to expand my knowledge and enhance my technical skills. Fortunately, BOLD provides an environment that fosters these aspirations and makes them achievable.”

Ernest Ruiz, Mechanical Design Engineer gave us his story:

Ernest Ruiz, Mechanical Design Engineer

“I have always been fascinated by everything with four wheels: the shapes, the sounds, the smells, and the competition. A ‘petrolhead’ from as young as three, I spent my childhood ‘designing’ cars and watching every bit of motorsport I could find. As I grew up, my fascination with the engineering aspects of the automotive world deepened, leading me to study Mechanical Engineering in Barcelona. Becoming a Mechanical Design Engineer was the natural progression.

I was a Formula Student for 3 seasons whilst studying, challenged to conceive, design, manufacture, develop and compete with small, formula-style, race cars. After I graduated, I moved to the UK to study a Motorsport Engineering Masters and did some data engineering in BTCC. This led to an amazing opportunity at Scuderia Ferrari Engineering Academy as Mechanical Designer. From there I spent almost 5 years in Italy, between Scuderia Ferrari and Haas F1 Team.

There are a lot of fond memories from those years. The ‘firsts’ were always special. First wins, first pole positions, first time going trackside, the list goes on. My proudest moment was during the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix, the inaugural race held under the new F1 regulations. We worked tirelessly throughout the winter to design and build an entirely new car from scratch. Our team secured a well-deserved fifth-place finish, closely behind the Ferrari and Mercedes teams. This was the ultimate validation and reward for our relentless hard work and commitment.

Today, as a Mechanical Design Engineer at BOLD, my passion for cars continues. I design parts using CAD for incredible projects, where I am granted the autonomy to take full ownership of designs and collaborate closely with clients, ensuring that their vision comes to life from concept to design release.

I’m enthusiastic about taking on diverse design challenges because different projects come with unique requirements. While the working structure may be fundamentally similar to F1, the specific design constraints of each project, whether they involve cost considerations, aesthetics, or other factors, creates a constant search for distinct solutions. This continuous quest for innovative approaches at BOLD leads to varied and valuable learning experiences.”

Mauricio Camocardi, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer said:

Mauricio Camocardi, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

“As a child, I never missed F1 races and shared this passion with my brother. My fascination with motorsports and tinkering in my grandfather’s workshop, with guidance from my father, fuelled my interest in creating and designing.

I studied Aeronautical Engineering at National University of La Plata in Argentina. I chose Aeronautics given its strong connection to motorsports. Aeronautics often influences F1 technology, and the fact that one of the top F1 designers, Adrian Newey, is an aeronautical engineer sealed the deal.

I have conducted research at several universities, first as a PhD student in Argentina and later as a post-doctorate researcher in Germany, primarily in the field of aerodynamics. I also worked in the UK as a research fellow in the automotive industry. After gaining valuable research experience in academia, I decided to transition to the industry, where I have worked for companies such as Jaguar-Land Rover, McLaren Automotive, and ARRIVAL.

When I joined McLaren Automotive, my childhood dream came true. All the F1 cars I used to watch as a child were right beside my office. Working for an iconic company specialising in chassis components for high-performance cars summarised all the effort I had put in over the years.

At BOLD I’m able to apply my experience as a section owner, designing body structures for an SUV. Working closely with the client, we meet regularly to understand requirements before aligning them with the design. I coordinate with my team of three other Mechanical Designers working on the project.

I am looking forward to personal development and learning from the company’s heritage, particularly in F1 and battery technology. I firmly believe in the importance of transitioning to green solutions, and I would be delighted if my work contributes to BOLD’s development of eco-friendly solutions for electric mobility.”

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