Intellectual Property: Powering the Future and Protecting Our Own

Electrification has emerged as a powerful force in transforming industries at a time shaped by a need for sustainable solutions. The electrification of transport sectors continued to accelerate globally in 2022, with record numbers of electric vehicles [1]. From electric scooters to aircrafts, the electrification ecosystem holds the key to a cleaner future. As a company leading the charge in electrification across land, sea and air, it is vital that we safeguard our innovative technologies and ideas without the risk of replication.

Our team work relentlessly to push the boundaries of technology, with countless hours of rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure designs meet industry standards. Paired with significant research and expertise, we have developed battery systems for automotive, motorsport, aviation, aerospace and marine that have highly competitive levels of performance, weight and power.

After successfully filing our latest patent for BOLDair, our superior aviation battery system tailored for electric or hybrid flight, we are proving our commitment to developing and protecting our own IP, for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.

With a gravimetric efficiency of 285 Wh/kg, BOLDair is a true game-changer for electric aviation viability. This has impowered us to shield those efforts and gain more security to maintain competitive advantage.

 BOLDair aviation module

Why is protecting IP important & what does this mean for BOLDair?

  • We will instil confidence in our stakeholders and encourage more significant partnerships and collaborations.
  • We will ensure that crucial advancements reach the broader industry, contributing to a collective effort in achieving sustainable aviation.
  • We will streamline the commercialisation of our technologies. without risk of duplication.

Embracing and safeguarding our Intellectual Property is, without a doubt, a powerful step towards powering the future we envision.

July marked the beginning of testing for BOLDair

Production of BOLDair began in May 2023 and our team have made remarkable progress building enough systems to begin the rigorous testing phase. The team are going through the Design Validation Plan (DVP) for the 285 Wh/kg battery system, suited to the safety requirements and functional needs of the aviation industry.

This comprehensive process includes thermal runaway testing, electro-thermal endurance testing and DO160G testing which will further advance the technology and organisation required for the control system of an aviation battery system.

Testing takes place at BOLD’s facility in Barcelona during the DVP stage for BOLDair

We have built dedicated teams adapted to collaborate with established aviation partners for fast integration, giving us the upper hand in bringing BOLDair to the market faster than other typical aviation products.

The testing phase will be ongoing until November/December 2023, when samples will be ready to ship to customers. This firmly places BOLD on track to achieve the goal of developing the first certifiable product by 2026. By implementing a DVP to align with the required aviation processes for software and hardware development, and successfully protecting IP, we are significantly closer to commercialising the product.

Interested in viewing performance data for our batteries? Reach out to us at to schedule a video call with our team. They’ll demonstrate why our batteries are at the forefront of the industry.


[1] EIA

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