Hypercars – a driver-centered experience

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Ding! Passenger seatbelt is not fastened. Ding! The left rear tire is low on air. Ding! There is a vehicle approaching your blind spot. Buzz! The driver has wandered into the adjacent lane without signaling, the car proceeds to correct the steering wheel back to the home lane. Ding! The driver has not rested in the last 250 kilometers and should perhaps make a stop for a coffee break. There’s a brisk reduction in speed as the car detects with its sensors that the car is approaching traffic too close for comfort. There’s no doubt, today’s cars make driving safer. It helps the average driver realize things in anticipation of events that all too commonly pose a threat. Instead of being able to successfully program each driver for every possible peril on the road, the carmakers have gone one step beyond and programmed the cars. Afterall, to err is human. Consequently, these functions attribute to greater road safety. In reality, for many, the car is a means of transport. While the car takes on the responsibility of forecasting potential hazards, the operator of the vehicle can set their thoughts on other matters. Yet, there is another class of drivers that are merely that – drivers. Once they step foot in their vehicles, they are the ones running the show. When nestling themselves into the futuristic high-performing hyper cars, they are transported back to a time when man tells the vehicle what to do.

A unique driver

Nowadays, man has the luxury to depend on their smart appliances to regulate the temperature of their homes, keep their fridge stocked with the basics, point out the next rest stop on a road trip, determine their quality of sleep while monitoring their heartrate and more. For some, there exists a greater luxury which is to eliminate all that computer interference and literally be in the driver’s seat while making all the decisions. When behind the wheel of a hypercar, there are no more bells and whistles to shield you from the potential dangers of operating a vehicle than the mandatory ABS. Those who shell out for a hypercar have a particular taste. They know what they are looking for and they are fortunate enough to have the means to go for it. The hypercar driver is alert in more ways than one as choosing this technology means waking up from the fog of computer domination as they now hold the reins and must deal with whatever they are faced with on the road 


Turning heads in the market

Hypercars are incredible vehicles that brings the thrill of the racetracks onto the road. They are comparable to professional race cars in their lightweight structures and precision in direction. Bold has first-hand knowledge of this as we are currently working alongside one of our trusted partners in developing numerous lightweight components for their soon-to-be released hypercar. Truth be told, this car will not be what you would call affordable in the eyes of the average consumer even though they are much less expensive than a professional race car. At any rate, there will not be more than 100 to 300 specimens for sale once finished. Nonetheless, it is projected that the tooling and materials that will go into this high-performing machine will be more cost-efficient than the average vehicles’ whole manufacturing equipment in churning out high volumes like 50,000.  


Lightweight equals responsible technology

hypercar driver centered experience 2

Naturally, the heavier your vehicle, the more fuel is needed to move it. Unfortunately, burning fossil fuel is not sustainable. While unthinkable to many, it can and will run out one day. Ergo, creating lightweight solutions which can decrease the overall weight by 57% to the average vehicle on the road which will contribute to less demand for this precious resource. Although the weight is considerably reduced, it does not mar its resistance and robustness. In fact, it has been widely demonstrated that composite structures can be approximately 5 times lighter whilst keeping the same strength and stiffness as metallic counterparts. Plus, they are sometimes cheaper to replace should they be damaged or eventually wear out.When most of the car is made of composite material, you get a faster car with greater handling. It also results in a superior performance you just cannot achieve witha metallic-based car.

A driver-centered experience

In essence, the two separate hypercars Bold is collaborating on strive to put the driver first. While the traditional family car welds metal on metal for the chassis, the hypercar has a monocoque that bonds various combinations of composite materials to create a protected occupant cell. Should there be a crash, the computer simulated selected composite material based on our engineering know-how is specifically placed to do its best to keep the occupant cell intact.  Additionally, some of the main properties that make composite materials a reliable material for high-performing hypercar batteries is their corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. Overall, metallic cars bring with it limitations that you just do not come across with a lightweight hypercar made of composite materials.  

Now that you have released your vehicle from all that dragging weight, lookout for curves ahead as this vehicle yearns to be rocked. The focus has been placed on optimum performance over straight-line performance which beckons its drivers to take it out for a proper spin. The driver now decides the speed he can take the curve (at their own risk). How close the driver approaches other cars ahead of him or which lane to be in is at their own discretion. So now, instead of the weekend journey to the countryside full of dinging and buzzing sounds and sudden autocorrecting or deceleration at the slightest hint that the driver’s mind has drifted off the road, the proud owner of a hypercar can immerse themselves in the humming and revving of the engine, and ‘chirp chirp’ of the wheels. 

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