Here’s to a Brilliant Year at BOLD

As we wrap up 2023, let’s take a moment to glance back at some key moments for BOLD. Despite the hurdles we all faced, BOLD navigated through with commendable grace. From launching product lines to strategic partnerships, BOLD’s journey over the past year has been both steady and noteworthy. Join us in revisiting these highlights, appreciating the resilience and adaptability that have shaped BOLD’s year.

We’ve welcomed over 60 new teammates to our workforce. Each and every one has been an integral part of this year’s success. We even secured a spot on LinkedIn’s prestigious Top Startups list in Spain. Selected in recognition of the immense growth in our workforce, interest in roles, audience interaction, and our ability to attract talent from top companies. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to innovation and growth.

A notable highlight for us was teaming up with respected British electronics technology company, McLaren Applied Ltd. Our collaboration focuses on developing high-performance electric powertrains, building on a history of working together and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of electrification performance. We’re genuinely proud to join forces and of our joint achievements so far.

Between our electrification and engineering services, we’ve worked with over 15 clients across motorsport, automotive, aviation, marine, and many more. We’ve witnessed our clients’ vehicles achieve exceptional results at grand prix races, clinch prestigious awards, and we’ve even seen our work feature on Top Gear! From designing several body structures and components for Formula 1 and Hypercar clients to the design and development of battery packs for aviation, the scope of projects we’ve led this year has been incredibly rewarding.

We launched BOLDair, our off-the-shelf battery system to power electric or hybrid flight. This year, we’ve taken crucial steps towards obtaining the necessary certification and geared up with a functional safety team to prove our commitment to partners, helping them reach their goals of achieving safe and sustainable electric flight. BOLD’s expertise in lightweight structures has allowed BOLDair to achieve an impressive gravimetric density of 285 Wh/kg. We were thrilled to watch BOLDair power its first drone flight in November.

Our production line has successfully overseen the creation of more than 100 high-performance battery packs designed for various applications across land, sea, and air. All these packs were not only meticulously manufactured but also promptly delivered to our customers throughout the year. With an existing commitment for an additional 1200 battery packs, we are very excited to resume operations in the new year.

Our dedicated testing team has performed over 500 in-house tests at the cell, module, and system levels, vital to ensuring the reliability, safety, and optimal performance of our battery systems. Our extensive list of tests includes cell characterisation, module, and system electrothermal testing, thermal runaway, BMS calibration, and many more, all crucial to safeguarding the longevity of our technology.

We opened the doors to our brand-new design office in Bicester, UK. Nestled in the heart of Motorsport Valley, our team of 15 is well positioned to help our Formula 1 and Hypercar customers reach their goals.

We would like to thank our clients for their trust in us this year and we look forward to embracing an even bigger and better year in 2024. Wishing all of our friends and colleagues a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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