Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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Bold is getting closer and closer to the pulse of the motor racing hub in Barcelona as moving day is nearly upon us. May 9, 2021, the Grand Prix held in Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, right around the corner from our soon-to-be stomping grounds, was such a beautiful race in all aspects. While some tongues may be wagging over the Barcelona Circuit’s statistics and the chances for making it to the podium from the lower fifth on the grid, the fact still remains that all the teams must overcome an unremitting 66-lap circuit with 4.655 meters / lap. That makes for a grand total of 307.1 kms. This track is even a popular training grounds in winter, favored by many drivers with its mix of fast and slow curves. If your car can make it here, rest assured that it can perform well anywhere else. It only goes to say that after this recent Grand Prix, we feel even more taunted and beckoned to come hither. Say no more, dear motor race temptress, we are moving to Barcelona to be closer to you very soon!

Proud of our creations

ESS Battery Safety

The pull this race had on us is comparable to a maternal or paternal bond, we felt the race in our cores and could not help but hold our breaths with every twist and turn, every intent to perform an overtaking maneuver executed, as we had so much vested in the race cars themselves. As the athletes and their teams were actively strategizing and putting their knowledge to the test, we zoomed in on some of the parts, which were also being put to the test. Indeed, we were watching over the very same parts that carry our DNA. As an in-house compact battery designer, tester and manufacturer ourselves, we sympathize with how the batteries that were raced were exposed to so much strain and such high temperatures as the drivers were going the distance and aiming to outdo their competitors. You could practically feel the heat it generated. It conjured up memories of the thermal simulation tests we often carry out, which is why we know all too well how hot it can get. Thanks to thermal simulations, there is ample assurance that the whole system could withstand such extreme temperatures. Yet, when you are pushing the envelope, like Bold Valuable Tech’s technology so often does, there is still so much suspense as you wonder how it will turn out. We only get the proof again and again, the unthinkable has been turned into a reality. 

Sleek and smart engineering

prelaminated carbon fiber

While many F1 fans see the flashy colors on the car’s sleek and smooth exterior, what we see are the invisible forces of drag grazing across the tailor-made composite structures we toiled away on, adjusted to our clients’ specifications while also adhering to the ever-updated F1 regulations. Not to be misunderstood, we have no qualms with the continuous changes as it is always done in the spirit of improving the sport and taking the fans’ breath away. While there are so many composite parts, no two have the same environments and risks to prepare for. This is when our engineering know-how becomes essential in creating the right parts. We must put ourselves in the place of each part to know the extreme stresses it will come across throughout any given race. When hugging tight corners, the suspension links may have to withstand up to 6 tons of force. Therefore, the suspension links must be more robust than the body work needs to be. In fact, if you held the body work component in your hand, you would be shocked to see how little it weighs, as though you had a thin sheet of paper in your hands.  More surprisingly, this same featherweight object can bear the strain of 370 kph.  

circuit de barcelona-catalunya

Praise for composite materials

Composite materials are amazing, and their full potential is being explored and revealed every day. Yet, you cannot demand that it bears the burden of fast flying, jagged rocks or gravel. Case in point, the bargeboards are subjected to flying particles lifted from the track. This is where titanium comes in to save the day. We came up with a way to shield the flaps and help the composite structure to last much longer by putting together a combination of composite materials and titanium to create a type of shield for the flaps.  

Rearing to be in our new location

Bold is relentlessly getting ready for our upcoming move. We cannot wait to be in the middle of it all, in the heart of motor racing in Barcelona. With mild winters, testing and training being done on our beloved track, we are sure to conjure up more awesome and sensational designs to make racing fans and teams’ jaws drop. With our manufacturing plant, in-house testing facilities and multi-disciplinary team of devoted engineers, Bold is ready to show everyone what we do best:  unleash electrification with highly optimized energy storage systems and light weight structures.  

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