The art of giving thanks

Ranked as the 4th greatest guitarist of all time by the Rolling Stone magazine (2015), Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was once asked who the better player was (‘Shine a Light,’ 2008), either Ronnie Wood or himself.

He quickly retorted, “We’re both pretty lousy, but together, we are better than ten others.”

Keith Richards

This man, this living legend, with all his years of fame and well-earned admiration under his belt, did not doubt for a split second that together, they were more exceptional. He completely downplayed his own greatness and passed on the admiration to his fellow bandmate. Whether it is what he believes deep down, this statement can be seen as an act of gratitude. It is all too important to not overlook the power of gratitude. There is no way to know how much one’s contribution means without coming out and expressing the impact the actions of others’ have had. At Bold Valuable Tech, we have recently practiced the art of giving thanks. Here, we would like to share some of their reflections.

Better together

Bold Valuable Tech understands that working together is the key to being even more formidable at what we do. Custom battery packs and carbon fiber structures are not the only things Bold Valuable Tech is actively building. Since the inception of the company, Bold has put effort and care into building its talented personnel into a strong team and therefore a strong contender in our field. All our other achievements would be meaningless if we were missing our ability to share, exchange and support each other. At the end of the day, pushing the boundaries of electrification with highly optimized storage systems and lightweight structures are tasks that must be approached whole-heartedly. It takes drive, conviction, determination and passion to outdo ourselves again and again to materialize our clients’ ideas into a reality. For that, we must nurture a team environment that is positive, communicative and free from toxicity. Within these chronicled comments of gratitude, our team recounts various situations in which their colleagues were key in reaching objectives and creating our innovative products. 

Under pressure

You never really know who someone is until you seem them under pressure; it is then that their true colors shine through. At Bold, we do not shy away from challenges, instead we welcome them. This results in an atmosphere of new challenges, which requires complex problem-solving skills that may place any one individual out of his or her depth. That is when Bold’s team spirit shines through. While our team comprises highly trained and experienced professionals, it is not uncommon for them to come across an unfamiliar problem. Indeed, it comes with the territory of creating innovative solutions. Add to that deadlines which we strive to meet, it could otherwise spell disaster. One person recalls a moment that our Design Office Manager, Manuel, Garcia stepped in on a task that required extreme precision. This person declares that while working on the testing phase of a new electric battery, there was a nearly undetectable error in a code. Manuel jumped right in to figure it out together. If it had not been for Manuel pitching in on this, this person is sure that it would not have been finished in time for the deadline. In fact, Garcia has been honorably mentioned as a dependable person for both professional and personal matters. In fact, based on all the other comments collected in the writings on gratitude, that the whole team clearly knows that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Fresh out of university

When finishing university, it could take some time to get your bearing in the job market. Javier Mir, on the other hand, made a seamless transition from the halls of higher education to Bold, just as the company came into being. What an impression it must have on Mir to see the ins and outs of building up a company from scratch and in such an exciting atmosphere like Formula 1, to boot! Despite not having previous formal employment, he blended in a like a natural In fact, his name came up many times in the reflections of gratitude expressed by his teammates when invited to talk about a time a colleague was crucial in working out a complex situation. Joining the team in the post of Design and Simulation Engineer, Mir has gained a reputation for being the go-to person when dealing with the world of designing composites. He has also been attributed to being a reliable source for carrying out tasks using highly specialized CAD programs or even adding his irreplaceable insight into engineering conundrums. 

Helping hands from all directions

Sometimes, leaders or managers can be taken for granted. Many just assume that it is their job to bring a team together. Bold’s team, however, really took the time to acknowledge all the Bernat Carreras, our CEO with years of F1 experience, has made possible for them. One Bold professional points out his gratitude to Carreras for pulling out all the stops in providing all the resources to make his objectives reachable. Many have also attributed Bernat to expanding on their engineering skills and contributing to their newfound level of attention to detail.  

Another important leader in the group with many words of gratitude directed at him is Manuel Garcia (Design Office Manager). One of the newest additions to the team observed how Garcia is always there to patiently clarify any doubts on day-to-day tasks, be it on a professional or a personal level. He is also conscious that it was Garcia who paved the way for a smooth inclusion into the whole team.   

Next stop, Barcelona!

Now that Bold is embarking on their next chapter with the new setting of Barcelona, the team is highly motivated. Many see it as an opportunity to even improve the efficiency and enhance the design of our batteries since they can examine the whole process from start to finish in one location. Others are confident that this will deepen the talent pool to add new team members to Bold. Interesting enough, most of the team are looking forward to cutting their commute time in half since they live in the Barcelona area already.  

While not every person on the team has been named in this article, we would like to emphasize that they are all greatly appreciated. We are euphoric and impatient to start this new stage with every single one of you. 

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