Five Highlights for Five Years of BOLD

As BOLD, celebrates its fifth anniversary, we wanted to reflect on some of the milestones that have marked its evolution. We caught up with CEO Bernat Carreras, who shared his insights on the company’s achievements. Here are five standout moments that have defined BOLD’s journey.

How it started…

2019: BOLD’s Inception – From Bernat’s 20m2 Apartment Office in Girona

How it’s going…

2024: Inside BOLD’s Bustling 3000m2 Barcelona Facility

2019: The Beginning of BOLD

“Launching BOLD from my apartment in Girona initially seemed “bold move” but drawing on my experience with leading Formula 1 teams, I recognised the untapped potential of lightweight composite structures and high-performance battery systems for commercial use. Identifying a significant gap in the electrification market, my mission was to establish a comprehensive company offering bespoke vehicle design, engineering, and battery system manufacturing, with a focus on collaborating with top-tier companies.

Within the first year, I secured a contract to develop and supply a lightweight inverter enclosure for Formula E, marking the first of a series of incredible projects with industry leaders.”

2020: First partnership with a Formula 1 Team

“I carried the F1 work ethic into BOLD from the beginning, and when we brought our first F1 client on board in 2020, that was a very proud moment for me,” noted Bernat. Over time, these collaborations have grown, and today, BOLD proudly works with 50% of the F1 teams on the grid. “These partnerships not only showcase BOLD’s ability to thrive in demanding environments but also highlight our passion for the industry.”

2021: Expansion into a New 3000m2 Facility

“The early days saw BOLD working with amazing clients, and we were never short of exciting projects in the motorsport and automotive sectors. But evolving BOLD from a service provider to a company that develops and manufactures battery systems, leveraging F1 technology, was my paramount vision. From launching the company in my apartment in 2019 to moving into a new 3000m2 facility in 2021, I knew I was setting the stage to enable this growth. What was once an empty, very echoey building is now a vibrant hub of activity with a team of over 140 employees.”

2022: Crossing the 100-Employee Milestone

“In 2022, reaching the milestone of surpassing 100 employees was a proud moment for us at BOLD. It really highlights the success of our projects and our ability to attract top talent in the industry. Our team brings together experts from diverse backgrounds – from automotive to aerospace. This mix of talents has been invaluable, helping us gather insights from different sectors and tackle projects in challenging industries. At our facility, you’ll find nearly 20 nationalities chatting away in eight different languages. It creates a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere that boosts our creativity. With this strong team in place, we’re ready to take on new challenges and pursue ambitious projects.”

2023: Production & Partnership

In 2023, Bernat found it challenging to single out just one highlight. Early in the year, BOLD made a substantial leap forward by commencing production, turning our designs into tangible battery systems ready to ship to customers. Reflecting on this milestone, Bernat said, “This moment truly highlights BOLD’s dedication to introducing innovative technologies to the market and meeting the evolving demands for electrification solutions across diverse industries.” He added, “The start of production was incredibly exciting! Today with over 1500 batteries already under contract, we remain committed to maintaining this robust and efficient production line.”

Another major 2023 highlight in the company’s journey was announcing BOLD’s strategic partnership with McLaren Applied Ltd. Bernat explained, “This partnership, aimed at developing high-performance electric powertrains, exemplifies BOLD’s dedication to collaboration and pushing the boundaries of electrification. To have my brand name associated with a globally renowned electronics company, I couldn’t be prouder.”

As BOLD celebrates five years of progress, these moments remind us of the company’s journey and its ongoing commitment to innovation and collaboration. Looking ahead, the future holds exciting possibilities for BOLD as it continues to support industry leading customers across land, sea, and air. Here’s to the next five!

CEO Bernat Carreras Oversees Production at BOLD’s 3000m2 Facility in Barcelona

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