BOLD’s F1 Roots and Continued Commitment to the Sport

As the annual Formula 1 car build season approaches, the racing world holds its breath, anticipating the unveiling of new vehicles that will redefine the boundaries of speed and performance. The car build season is a critical stage in the F1 calendar, where teams meticulously craft their vehicles, striving to gain the best possible level of performance. BOLD’s support has been instrumental in in the success of several leading F1 teams for the past four seasons and we look forward to continuing to work with the industry that launched the careers of so many of the BOLD family.

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BOLD’s founder and CEO, Bernat, gained a wealth of knowledge from his six-year stint as a Design Engineer for several prominent F1 teams, including McLaren Racing and Honda Racing. During this time, Bernat gained three essential qualities that were instrumental in the foundation of BOLD: dedication, resilience, and adaptability. Inspired by the possibilities of F1 technology in commercial applications, he established BOLD in 2019. Today, BOLD proudly employs over 140 employees, many of whom share Bernat’s passion for the sport. This common enthusiasm has fostered enduring relationships with Formula 1 customers, making BOLD a trusted partner in the field.

BOLD’s CEO & Founder Bernat Carreras photographed at BOLD HQ

We provide a range of services tailored to Formula 1 and Hypercar customers with a strong emphasis on design support for composite and mechanical components. Our expertise covers various stages, from initial aero surfaces input to the final manufacturing of parts. Taking full responsibility for the work we undertake, our dedication is vital in ensuring that all aspects of the car, from design to manufacturing, are carried out with precision and thoroughness. Here’s a brief overview of the services provided:

  • Components Design: We assist F1 customers in the design of various components, including critical aerodynamic elements, structural components, and more. The areas we typically work on include the front wing, nose, chassis, bodywork, PU integration, floor, suspension, brake drums, rear wing, transmission, test/dyno, and pit equipment. This process encompasses both the conceptualisation and detailed design of these parts.
  • Tooling Design: Supporting in the design of specialised tools and equipment required for the manufacturing and assembly of F1 car components, we offer tooling design services essential to ensure precision and efficiency in the production process.
  • Laminate Drawings: Our services include creating detailed laminate drawings, which are crucial in the production of composite materials used in F1 cars. These drawings provide a blueprint for the construction of composite parts, ensuring they meet performance and safety standards.
  • Jigs Design: Jigs are precision tools used to hold components in place during assembly and manufacturing. Our team designs jigs that are tailored to the specific needs of F1 car components, ensuring accurate and efficient assembly processes.
  • Assembly Instructions: Providing clear and comprehensive assembly instructions is a critical aspect of our services. These instructions guide F1 teams in the proper and efficient assembly of various components, ensuring that the car is constructed to exact specifications.
  • Manufacturing and Testing: The manufacturing and testing of various parts within the car are critical but time-consuming processes. Our support extends to streamlining these activities. This not only saves time but also ensures that the components meet the quality and performance standards of F1.
  • Aerodynamics Design: We specialise in designing surfaces for CFD development for maximum aerodynamic performance. We also create scaled model components for wind tunnel testing.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing Support: We assist F1 teams throughout the wind tunnel testing process, from setting objectives to post-test analysis. Our expertise helps teams optimise their cars’ aerodynamics for enhanced performance.
2021 Formula 1 Car Undergoing Testing in the Wind Tunnel
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The F1 car build season presents several formidable challenges. Designing and constructing an F1 car within a year is an exceptionally demanding task in the engineering world. One of the primary challenges is the need to balance the high-performance requirements of aerodynamics with the time required for manufacturing and testing various components. Our team plays a pivotal role in supporting F1 teams in addressing these challenges.

Our support is not limited to a specific season; it extends throughout the year, encompassing activities during both the offseason and the racing season. In the winter, we assist in designing components for next year’s car, ensuring its competitiveness and innovation. Throughout the racing season, our team focuses on updates and improvements to enhance the car’s performance, assisting F1 teams in remaining at the forefront of the grid.

BOLD also offers several services aimed at improving performance. These services are geared towards delivering fast, high-quality designs, cost-saving measures, and optimising weight, all of which contribute to enhancing the overall performance of F1 cars. Here are the specific services:

  • Fast Design Updates: Our ability to provide rapid design updates is a critical service which enables F1 teams to implement changes and improvements quickly, gaining an advantage in the continuous “upgrades race” that occurs during the season. By being swift with design updates, our team helps clients stay competitive.
  • High-Quality Design: While speed is important, maintaining a high level of quality is equally vital. Our commitment to high-quality design ensures that the updates are not only fast but also reliable and effective. This attention to detail contributes to the overall performance and reliability of F1 cars.
  • Cost Savings in Manufacturing: Efficient designs play a significant role in cost reduction. By streamlining the design process and paying attention to the intricacies of component design, we help F1 teams save costs in parts manufacturing. These cost savings can then be redirected to other critical areas of improvement such as extensive and in-depth aerodynamics research, leading to improved aerodynamic performance.
  • Optimising Weight: Weight is a critical factor in F1 car performance. Our lightweight designs help in keeping the car’s weight as low as possible. This weight optimisation contributes to better acceleration, handling, and overall performance on the track.
Formula 1 (F1) Race Car Body Structure

We pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider – our team functions as a natural extension of our partners. For this reason, we understand the importance of building a team of individuals who not only bring their exceptional skills and expertise but also seamlessly collaborate with the top Formula 1 teams. We employ the very best engineers who are up to the challenge of F1’s tight timelines, challenging problems to solve, and pressure to perform. This integration is the key to our success in delivering unparalleled results and fostering long-term partnerships in the world of motorsport.

This is front of mind for our recruitment team when bringing new members on board. The four main traits we look for in candidates and what we think it takes to succeed in the industry are:

  • Passion: For many of our engineers, their passion for motorsport is a driving force behind their hard work and dedication. Those who are passionate about Formula 1 are more likely to go the extra mile, and continually strive for excellence. That’s why we’re eager to employ the most passionate candidates, giving them the opportunity to work with the very teams that ignited their passion for the sport.
  • Commitment: Working in F1 demands a high level of commitment. The industry is fast-paced, and the teams are under intense pressure to perform. Our engineers are dedicated to their roles, putting in the time and effort required to stay competitive and deliver results. The time constraints during the winter season are incredibly demanding but our team is committed to ensuring that all designs are completed promptly, even within the challenging timeframes of the F1 build season.
  • Attention to Detail: The Formula 1 industry is characterised by cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. Small details can make a significant difference in terms of performance and safety. Our team pay close attention to detail, which is critical in designing and building race cars, ensuring that they are finely tuned, and maintaining them to the highest standards.
  • Collaboration: Success in Formula 1 often depends on the unwavering dedication of everyone involved. Our effective communication and collaboration ensure that all aspects of the team’s operations run smoothly.

Our dedication, and commitment to meeting challenging timelines, optimising designs, streamlining manufacturing, and testing, and taking complete ownership of our work, are key elements in our successful partnerships with F1 teams. This support is integral to the success of the F1 car build process, which is one of the most demanding engineering projects in the world.

Design Office at BOLD HQ in Montmelò

Oscar Crespo, our Technical Product Manager for battery projects at BOLD, is a valued team member who embodies all four key traits in his daily work. With over a decade of experience in the Formula 1 and Aerospace sectors, Oscar gained extensive knowledge in composites and expertise in design processes for our F1 and Hypercar clients. Oscar’s career includes a stint at Mercedes F1, where he led the establishment of a Manufacturing Engineering department from the ground up. It was during this experience that he fell in love with working in Formula 1 which was equally challenging and rewarding. Through hard work and attention to detail, Oscar successfully devised the complete transformation of the manufacturing processes and changed the way of manufacturing components from the suspensions to the chassis, including wings and bodywork. After five years in the UK, Oscar was eager to move back to his Spanish roots. BOLD has allowed him to continue working within industries that he’s passionate about, collaborating with leading teams in motorsports and aviation, all while being closer to family.

Oscar Crespo attends the Spanish Grand Prix Formula One motor racing event held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmelò.

We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and technology to further enhance BOLD’s partnerships with F1 customers and new teams. With a headcount of over 40 engineers in our Applied division, we’re capable of welcoming new clients into the fold. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please contact

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