Bold welcomes our new Project Manager

What a better way to begin the year than being the recipient of a Seed investment to accelerate the development of high-performance battery technology for aviation, automotive and stationary applications. To deliver all that is expected of us, we can count on our team of engineers, working together on future energy solutions and light weighting for mobility, including the competitive world of motorsport.  Our dedication to Electrification Technology is aimed at offering high tech solutions on a large scale. We are sure to get there thanks to the addition of our new Project Manager, Oscar Crespo, as he centers in on our determination to push technology forward. 

Oscar Crespo is experienced across sectors like Aerospace and Formula 1. Having studied Aeronautic Engineering at the Polytechnic University in Madrid, he was first hired in a composite manufacturing company. It was in that company that he picked up his Production and Planning skills and polished his Engineering skills. Yet, he believed more could be learned if he ventured out of his comfort zone, and so he dove into new opportunities in the UK.  

Having taken off abroad to expand on his Engineering skills and experience, Oscar landed a place in GE Aviation. They took him on in a leadership and management role. This is when he first got involved in Lean Manufacturing. He was quite pleased with all the new development in his career. In the meantime, a new project was brewing that would lead him to join Mercedes F1.  

Mercedes F1 really placed their trust in Oscar as they rang him up to start a department completely from scratch. After Crespo joined in, Mercedes gained an Engineering Manufacturing Department for the Formula 1 team. Oscar was truly head over heels for this project! With his contribution, they have been able to change the face of how component manufacturing is done, from suspensions to the chassis, lest we forget to add the wings and body work.  

What drew him to Bold is much like the appeal Mercedes’ project had in store for him: “We are embarking on something unique, that has no precedence” Oscar affirms. At first glance, the tasks that Crespo is to take on at Bold is nothing to scoff at. He will be actively leading and managing Bold’s battery projects for new clients, paying special attention to manufacturing and planning. Not only that, but he will also contribute his technical support to our F1 and Hyper car teams, backed up by his vast composite know-how. If that seems like a walk in the park, add on to that the creation of a training program for new hires for their smooth integration onto our F1 and Hyper Car design teams. 

Oscar, we are so fortunate to be so likeminded in our mutual vision of safe and cleaner energy storage systems and light weighting of mobility solutions. You are definitely a part of what makes for an exciting start to 2022! 

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