BOLD Partners with McLaren Applied to Develop High-Performance Electric Powertrains 

BOLD is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with British electronics technology company McLaren Applied Ltd. to develop high-performance electric powertrains. The agreement builds on a long history of collaboration and a shared commitment to expand on the highest performance tier of electrification. The long-term deal could last beyond 2030 with BOLD’s battery systems to be used exclusively for McLaren Applied’s electrification needs.

McLaren Applied, renowned for its expertise in high-performance electronics engineering and innovation across motorsport and automotive, have partnered with BOLD to leverage the company’s capability in designing and manufacturing high-performance, lightweight battery pack systems. 

BOLD has a long-standing working relationship with McLaren Applied, having successfully collaborated on numerous motorsports projects. With full confidence in each other’s expertise and ability, a strong foundation is in place to ensure this new partnership is a success. 

McLaren Applied will be responsible for the design and development of the Battery Management Systems (BMS) and inverters, while BOLD will contribute battery systems and enclosures. Leveraging McLaren Applied’s experience in trackside support, electronics, and electric powertrain systems, combined with BOLD’s design engineering and high-performance battery product manufacturing capability, this collaboration aims to deliver powerful and competitive powertrain systems. The agreement is reached at the perfect time, coinciding with both companies’ significant involvement in major motorsport bids for 2023 and beyond.

BOLD CEO Bernat Carreras shakes hands with Neil Palmer, Head of Motorsport Electrification at McLaren Applied

“Having worked together since 2020 in various projects from motorsports to e-scooters, we’re thrilled to make our collaboration public and continue this journey with McLaren Applied” said Bernat Carreras, Founder and CEO of BOLD. “Through our complimentary expertise and shared vision for the future, we will accelerate the introduction of new performance technologies to boost the transition to sustainable propulsion systems. BOLD was founded with the vision to break into other motorsport sectors with F1 technology and develop scalable products that can be successfully commercialised in different markets beyond racing. Today, BOLD’s well-established battery pack manufacturing line not only fulfils this long-term vision but also enables us to manufacture battery systems at large scale.”

Leading McLaren Applied’s continued growth in key markets, including motorsport, automotive, and connected intelligence is Chairman Nick Fry. Fry added: “This partnership aims to demonstrate how much electric powertrains have progressed and accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions. By combining BOLD’s pioneering battery technology with McLaren Applied’s track record of engineering excellence, we are confident in our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that will redefine the industry.”

McLaren Applied’s leadership team enjoy a tour of BOLD’s Montmeló facility.
BOLD’s CEO Bernat Carreras explains current battery developments to Mclaren Applied’s leadership team

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