Bold is relocating to focus on electrification and soon to set up their own in-house battery plant to open up new possibilities

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New location coming soon

“Our vision is to radically unleash electrification with highly optimized energy storage systems and light weight structures.”

In the next couple of months, Bold Valuable Tech is getting even closer to the action. In part, this is thanks to all the support and enthusiasm our valued partners have showed for our services and products. In fact, it is precisely under the F1 umbrella that Bold thrives from the competition in motorsport and the push for the pursuit of perpetual improvement.  This belief that there is still new technology to emerge and go beyond what we know and rely on today, whether through a complex or simpler technology, is embedded in Bold’s DNA. Our vision is to radically unleash electrification with highly optimized energy storage systems and light weight structures. To match our goals, there is no better area for us to lay down our roots than the vicinity of El Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. In the pursuit of more efficient technology for batteries and structures, we are drawn to this new location where there is a larger pool of likeminded talent. Needless to say, we have enjoyed our proximity to Girona’s high-quality composite centers, yet the time has come for us to form part of a more complete community dedicated to battery development around Barcelona. The market for traction and stationary batteries is booming in all indexes. There will be an exponential demand for batteries not only for vehicles but for industry, stationary and other niche high-end applications. 

While the actual site is still being carefully selected, what is certain is that the future facilities for our growing team and the expansion of our product range have options abound in Vallès. This is the same county where El Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is located and just 30 minutes away from Barcelona center. This is the heart of the automotive industry in Catalunya around the automaker and also soontobe electric car battery factory, Seat. As a magnet for passionate, well-prepared and ambitious professionals, Barcelona has gone on to be recognized as one of the top 5 cities in Europe for startup companies for a few years running. 

In anticipation for the accumulation of more and more high-tech projects, Bold will soon be posting job vacancies in search of hard-working battery, high voltage, mechanical and composite design engineers with a thirst for pushing the limits and breaking ground in their fields. In turn, possessing a much larger, dedicated team requires a greater capacity for in-house manufacturing. We estimate that our new location’s manufacturing plant will more than double that of our new office space 

This expansion is a vote of confidence on many levels. We believe in the growth of those sectors which demand high quality, custom made, composite solutions and battery packs. We uphold the values and the sustainability of Electric Vehicles. Furthermore, we are bracing for the increase in interest of companies that will wish to partner up with us to work on solutions for their high-performing vehicles. Just to give a sneak peek at what is to come, be on the lookout for Bold’s own catalog of customizable battery packs and other high-tech solutions, all to be designed, tested and manufactured in-house 

Bold is really looking forward to what is on the horizon. Our plans are already in gear. We foresee relocating our offices in or around August this year. Without missing a step, we trust that this move will be done with our current dedicated team members and those to come. For those clients who are following these changes in Bold, they may be rest assured that the whole team is making the move without one member left behind.  

As for the manufacturing plant, this will take a bit longer to have up and running, as we are in the selection process for battery welding and testing suppliers. Our design and development activities will be undisrupted over in our calculated and smooth transition to the new facility. If all goes according to plan, the plant could be ready just in time for the end of the year.  

The excitement of continuing to cater to the needs of our current partners and commencing relationships with new ones keep Bold Valuable Tech focused and determined to carry out these changes swiftly and efficiently. We thank you all for sharing this inspiring venture with us. 

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