Battery Testing & Validation

Battery Testing

In the latest video, Testing & Validation Manager Pasquale De Maio offers an insightful exploration of BOLD’s robust, in-house testing capabilities. Pasquale perfectly summarised our testing ethos in his closing statement: “At BOLD, we take the test activities very seriously, as we think that this is a key part of our battery system development. It brings to the product itself, safety, reliability, and performance.”

Testing stands as a crucial phase of our product development, serving to validate battery system designs and uphold project requirements. Every year, we conduct hundreds of tests at BOLD, categorised into these phases by Pasquale:

  • The Electro-thermal phase scrutinizes electrical and thermal performance.
  • Environmental tests gauge responses to temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • Abusive tests, including thermal runaway scenarios, assess extreme conditions.
  • BMS tests utilize dedicated rigs to evaluate software independently of physical cells.
  • Component tests scrutinize adhesive, glue, and electronic component integrity.
  • Mechanical tests verify robustness and conformance to project specifications.

Crucially, Pasquale’s team of five experts is pivotal throughout the development journey, not confined solely to testing phases. They offer support to the design team, aiding in critical decision-making and material selection during proof-of-concept stages. They ensure the accuracy and optimisation of digital models by integrating test data into simulations, and they facilitate BMS calibration data acquisition, and oversee product certification protocols.

If you’d like to learn more about our testing and battery system development capability, please reach out to a member of our team at

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