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From advanced engineering into high-performing products, BOLD has the capability and experience to deliver lightweight finished composite and mechanical components. Playing an integral part of the design & development process for clients, BOLD supports OEMs from concept phase through to development and series manufacturing. Individual parts, fully assembled sub-systems and turnkey solutions are attainable thanks to a talented Applied Engineering division. From blank sheet design initiation through to production, BOLD contributes superior composite & materials design expertise to a wide range of challenges.

Our Team

Steven Elliott, Head of Programmes, Applied Engineering leads the division with a substantial expertise in composite and mechanical components and project engineering. Steven’s background in manufacturing has seen him work alongside leading F1 and hypercar teams. Another asset to the team, Harry Street, is a highly experienced global production and project manager with a proven track record of success within composite manufacturing environments. Combined with Senior Composite Design Engineer Thomas Newcomb and CEO Bernat Carreras’ design expertise, BOLD’s senior Applied Engineering team members have a combined experience of over 60 years. BOLD is capable of chassis development, interior and exterior trims, using a variety of technologies including composites, metallic components as well as injection moulding parts. From bodywork and chassis composites and welding, aero & structural design, through to tooling, process engineering and DFM, the now fully fledged AE division boasts critical experience to help technology partners succeed. 

Recent efforts to build on the existing talented personnel has strengthened BOLD’s position as a leading engineering service provider. It’s been a pivotal year as the organisation’s Applied Engineering division increased staff count from 15 to 50. A tactical recruitment strategy has seen carefully selected experts in composites engineering from F1 teams and hypercar manufacturing OEMs. BOLD’s passion for shaping young talent has seen several graduate opportunities introduced. Many former graduates have worked their way up to more advanced roles, developing with the company as it grows. Across the board, BOLD’s team have experience with all F1’s biggest players. Stretched between Barcelona and Motorsport Valley, BOLD has the capacity to work with aerospace, marine, automotive, F1 and hypercar clients in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Your Capable Engineering Partner

When working with BOLD, clients are not just procuring a new supplier. They gain a partner that’s wholeheartedly invested in creating valuable technology that achieves objectives. A highly beneficial aspect of working with BOLD is the flexible team structure with the capacity to lend expert consultants to clients for as long as necessary. Oftentimes initial design and development work is completed in-house before allocating engineers best suited to the needs of the client to work alongside their teams to fit applications on location. Alternatively experts can be delated to be onsite with clients from the very beginning of projects.

With this customer centric approach, working alongside clients ensures their needs are met whilst the project runs as efficiently as possible. Forming this type of alliance with BOLD will undoubtedly unlock long term value for your project development, including:

  • Development and manufacturing cycle with full turnkey products.
  • Testing for materials or assemblies with in-house capability to validate the design.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Reduced overheads.
  • Instant access to highly specialist skills.
  • Fastest possible speed of project completion.
  • Access to shared knowledge from BOLD’s large team of over 50 design engineers.

Currently with experts placed in Germany and the UK, BOLD has seen fixed term contracts for engineering services for as long as two years. Outsourcing design work from BOLD allows clients to better cope with their workload and bridge gaps in their own composites and mechanical knowledge to achieve high-performance results. Clients view BOLD experts as an extension of their team with complete trust and belief in their capabilities and discretion.

What do we do?

BOLD offers extensive composite and mechanical design services with superior knowledge in finished products components. With design engineers fluent in Catia V5, Catia V6 and Siemens NX, BOLD have vast experience in advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software.

After designing products built for high performance, BOLD has the capacity to offer finite element analysis (FEA) and stress testing in-house using Hypermesh with Optistruct Solver to perform structural simulations with static, dynamic, random frequency response amongst others. This is then used to provided design recommendations to the engineering team to optimize the design.

Similarly, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allows the team to determine physical properties which could impact a products aerodynamics. Using this analysis software allows BOLD to be more efficient in achieving product viability. Capable of analysing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering products, BOLD delivers end-to-end solutions.

Vast knowledge in composite and mechanical manufacturing give BOLD an upper hand in structural design. BOLD also have five experts dedicated to tooling design. Instrumental in the performance of manufactured parts, the tooling process determines components and tooling system needed.

Bold is also highly experienced in surfacing and adapting product surfaces to meet client needs and comply with regulatory requirements.

Another area within BOLD’s expertise is within powertrain and propulsion, offering composite and mechanical design and structural and thermal simulation services and control systems.

Between mechanical engineering; composites engineering; external engineering; concept design; body and chassis design; structural FEA; aerodynamic and wind tunnel model design, BOLD is competent in the development of finished, lightweight components. Combined with infinite electrification knowledge and experience, BOLD is confident in its ability to cater to Formula E and green motorsport fields.

Mission Accomplished

BOLD’s broad range of capabilities and ability to take quick action has resulted in numerous complex problems solved for partners. A current client was unable to homologate a vehicle after failing crash test requirements. The BOLD team worked with the customer to solve the problem and ensure the vehicle was viable to pass. Designing and manufacturing several new parts from scratch, time and care was invested into the laminate, core design, tooling, assembly sequence and a full set of drawings. A dedicated team worked tirelessly to meet the tight deadline to manufacture and assemble the new parts, resulting in the vehicle meeting complex requirements and passing the next test.

Are You Looking to Advance Your Career in Applied Engineering?

To keep up with client demand, BOLD is continuously on the lookout for talented people to join the fast-growing, dynamic team. Currently a variety of roles in Project Management, Composite Design, Mechanical Design are open for application with senior, experienced candidates needed in the UK. Check out our open positions to learn more.

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