Accelerate Your Career: Apply Now for the Formula Student Graduate Program

Attention all Formula Students! We’re offering stand-out Formula Student Graduates a place on our Graduate Program. As a company deeply passionate about fostering talent and innovation, we are excited to extend this opportunity to work alongside expert engineers and enthusiasts in the world motorsport, aerospace, and Formula 1.

We have a variety of permanent positions available within the following roles:

  • Project leader: Handling of the Project execution, interface between company and customer, managing team resources.
  • Principal Engineer: Proficient in a specific engineering field.
  • Mechanical Design Engineer: Concept design, 3D design, 2D design, design for manufacturing, all based on CAD software.
  • Composite Design Engineer: Concept design, 3D design, 2D design, design for manufacturing, all based on CAD software.
  • Aero Surface Design Engineer: Collaborate with CFD to transform aerodynamic theories into intricate CAD models.
  • HW Engineer: Circuit simulation, Altium PCB design, Harness design, PCBA testing definition, EE components selection
  • SW Engineer: Microcontroller programming in C/C++, Model Base Design with MATLAB/Simulink, SIL/HIL testing
  • FEA Engineer: Virtual validation, case studies with isotropic and orthotropic materials, static and dynamic, all based on CAE software.


BOLD is one of few ESPs trusted by major Formula 1 teams to delivery exceptional design support. We’re currently working with 50% of teams on the grid and we’re never short of incredible projects to work on. Within the Formula Student Program, you’ll learn first-hand how to apply skills gained during your Formula Student experience in real-world applications in aerospace, automotive, motorsport, and Formula 1. This graduate scheme is your gateway to a dynamic career in motorsport engineering, offering invaluable mentorship, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to work on ground-breaking projects.

Don’t take our word for it, let our Formula Student Alumni share their experiences, challenges faced, and the skills that helped them succeed, painting the picture of transitioning from FS to BOLD.

Javier Mir

“I started developing my skills and knowledge in composites at Formula Student, developing a full CFRP monocoque during my time at the project. After that, Bold allowed me to get involved and apply all those learnings working for an F1 team, where I participated developing aerodynamics updates and new seasons cars composites parts for 4 years.”

Javier Mir: Deputy Technical Director & Former Team Leader BCN eMotorsport
Jorge Castro

“Motostudent sparked my passion for motorsport and composites, and gave me the motivation to research about these fascinating worlds. Bold has shown me the way to become a better motorsports engineer, by learning and applying new composites knowledge working for an F1 team and a Hypercar manufacturer.”

– Jorge Castro: Composite Design Engineer & Former Team Member UPM Motostudent
Nicolás Cerrolaza

“Having finished my time at Formula Student, I wanted to focus my career in the automotive and motorsport sector. Bold has allowed me to grow as an engineer, participating in the design of a wide variety of components and giving me the responsibility of managing a team.”

– Nicolás Cerrolaza: Project leader & Former Team Leader Umotorsport
Oriol Contreras

“Formula Student echoes the core values of BOLD, emphasising Opportunity, Interdisciplinarity, Ownership, Excellence, and Innovation. So BOLD was a clear continuation from FS for me. BOLD fosters a diverse skillset development, continuous improvement, and engagement across various fields like Motorsport and Electrification, driving advancement and excellence.”

Oriol Contreras: Hardware Engineer & Former Electronics Chief on the UPC ecoRacing team

Edu Mauri

“At Formula Student, proactivity and inclusive ideation mirror the culture of BOLD. Whether in hardware or software, we work on complex battery projects, fostering teamwork and collaboration. Working alongside professionals from esteemed sectors like aviation and Formula 1 offers invaluable learning opportunities. From day one, we’re immersed in complex development tasks, participating in the entire engineering process, including battery manufacturing. Utilising cutting-edge tools and software, we contribute to the forefront of electrification technology, making for an exciting journey of innovation for young engineers.”

– Edu Mauri: Software Engineer & Former HV Accumulator Responsible, Powertrain department BCN eMotorsport

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