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End-to-End Development of High-Performance Batteries

Bespoke Battery Design Services from Clean Sheet to Production

Experts in battery development
40+ Experts in Battery Development
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7 Delivered Development Projects
Off the shelf batteries
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Unmatched Energy & Power Density

We are experienced at developing and manufacturing battery packs for the most demanding applications.

  • Hyper car
  • Formula 1 cars competing
  • Heavy-duty construction vehicles
  • Yacht sailing with Bold's batteries
  • Bold's batteries in industry
  • UAV from Flying Basket

BOLD not only met but exceeded our expectations by customising an existing system

We faced challenges in finding a supplier specialised in aviation with the agility to design and manufacture a battery in-house that would meet our tight deadlines. BOLD not only met but exceeded our expectations by customising an existing system, tailored to our exact requirements in terms of weight, power, and energy. Their team provided onsite support during our test flight, and we were thrilled with the performance of their system.

  • UAV from Flying Basket

    Double payload capacity for flights.

  • Testing our products

    20-80% fast charging in 10 minutes.

  • Bold team working

    Hundreds of thermal runaway tests performed each year.

  • Yacht sailing with Bold's batteries

    Reduced noise, smoke, and vibration. Better experience.

  • Testing our products

    Robustness confirmed by rigorous testing.

  • Heavy-duty construction vehicles

    Lower maintenance, lower total cost of ownership.

  • Bold's batteries in industry

    Focused on delivering high performance and sustainable products

Bold's batteries in industry
Heavy-duty construction vehicles
Testing our products
Yacht sailing with Bold's batteries
Bold team working
Testing our products
UAV from Flying Basket

Our products

BOLD has developed high-performance, versatile off-the-shelf batteries.


Safe modular ESS.
Extended cycle life.
Unwavering reliability.

  • 326 V
  • 39 kWh
  • 325 kg
  • 196 kW


Exceptional specific power and energy.
Cell to pack.
Prioritising safety.

  • 650 V
  • 11.7 kWh
  • 62 kg
  • 200 kW


Empowering flight.
Elevated energy density.
Uncompromised safety.

  • 672 V
  • 14.8 kWh
  • 52 kg
  • 285 Wh/kg

We design, develop & deliver

We design, develop & deliver

Electrification battery

Projects & Milestones Achieved

  1. Milestone

    Major hypercar battery project awarded

  2. Milestone

    Working with 50% of F1 teams on the grid

    Formula 1 cars competing
  3. Milestone

    First product out of in-house production line

    BOLD's in-house production line
  4. Project

    Manufactured & delivered 50 marine batteries

  5. Project

    First orders of BOLDhp received

  6. Milestone

    Watched BOLDair power its first flight

  7. Milestone

    Named one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups

  8. Milestone

    Strategic partnership with McLaren Applied

    McLaren Applied partnership
  9. Project

    100 thermal runaway tests performed

  10. Milestone

    Launched 3 off-the-shelf systems

  11. Milestone

    First battery powering marine

  12. Milestone

    5800 drawings for F1 components designed and raced

  13. Milestone

    Crossing the 100 employee milestone

    Bold's employees
  14. Project

    First battery with LiMetal cells

  15. Project

    F1 battery development project

  16. Milestone

    Moved into Montmelo facility

    Montmeló facility
  17. Milestone

    First product raced in FE

  18. Project

    eScooter development project

  19. Milestone

    5000 drawings for F1 components designed and raced

  20. Milestone

    First automotive client on board

  21. Project

    SESS Battery Development Project

  22. Project

    Technical proposal for FE GEN3

  23. Milestone

    First F1 Client on Board

    Formula 1 cars competing
  24. Project

    Design and supply of inverter encloser for FE

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