Electrification Technology

Making Formula 1 Technology available at scale

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Battery Systems for
high performance applications

BOLD offers two platform products for high performance systems that need energy storage in mobility applications. Both systems offer lightweight.

Bold Air battery



  • Total energy

    14.8 kWh

  • Voltage

    672 V (Nom)

  • Weight

    52 kg

BOLDhp IT5 242


High performance applications

  • Total energy

    11.7 kWh

  • Voltage

    648 V (Nom)

  • Weight

    65 kg

End-to-End Development & Production of Battery Solutions for High-Performance Applications

Focused on delivering high performance and sustainable products to market for mobility applications.

285 Wh/Kg

Aviation battery game changer

200 MWh

Current production line manufacturing capacity


Manufacturing batteries under contract

Our Electrification Technology Team

Our battery leadership team are developing and industrialising our high-performance battery solutions

BOLD’s in-house capabilities extends to testing and validation

Cell Testing

24-channels (Voltage: 0-5V; Current: 2400A) with Climatic Chamber (-40 to +95 ºC, humidity control)

  • Including all standard cell-level test procedures
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Cell Cycle Life Testing
  • Combined Electric and Cooling cycle life test

Abuse testing

  • Cell over/under pressure analysis
  • Thermal runaway trigger method characterization
BOLD ul94 testing

Module & Pack Testing

  • Abuse testing (module level only)
  • Module testing up to 200kW (Voltage: 0-100V, Current: 2000A)
  • Pack testing capability of 1MW

Cooling system design evaluation (Coolant temperature: -50ºC to 220ºC, Flow rate: up to 65/min)

  • Battery Cycle Life Test
  • Combined electric and coolant cycle life test
  • Environmental Endurance Testing (PTCE, HTOE, LTOE etc.)
  • Drive and Flight cycle testing 

From characterization to thermal runaway containment

  • In house testing team to develop cell models
  • Providing quick response to customers for proposal or requirements feasibility
  • Cell, subscale or full module thermal runaway testing in house
In-house testing

Are you looking for a trusted developement partner?

Bold’s Electrification business unit also offers bespoke battery design services from clean sheet to production. We are experienced at developing and manufacturing battery packs for the most demanding applications.

Aviation market

Aviation and Defence

We can help you achieve superior energy density and safety characteristics for your aircraft thanks to our knowledge in battery systems and composite components.

Motorsport market

Motorsport and Hyper Car

Transferring the know-how from motorsport allows us to work on EV, hybridor and IC hypercar projects in the composite bodywork / chassis and battery system areas.

Marine market


We offer design and manufacturing of interior and exterior components made out of glass fibre and carbon fibre composites to help you find the best solution for your marine application.

Automotive market


Highly cosmetic A-class and structural composite assemblies and simulation. Mechanical assemblies for chassis and powertrain components.

What trade shows we will be attending

11 Oct, 2023

MIA - Motorsport Engineering & Technology Show

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