Electrification Technology

Making Formula 1 Technology available at scale

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Custom battery packs for high performance applications

We develop high voltage battery systems from scratch and according to customer requirements. Our energy storage products are light weight and present superior safety characteristics.

electrification technology

Light weight energy storage solutions

We make extensive use of carbon fibre materials in the battery pack construction in order to achieve industry-leading weight figures for high performance applications

electrification technology

Superior thermal runaway containment

We use advanced composite materials in our battery system enclosures that offer outstanding thermal runaway containment properties, capable of sustaining up to 2000 deg C, perfectly suited to fulfill safety requirements of the electric aviation industry.

Introducing the Bold Battery


  • 240 Wh/kg energy density thanks to structural cell to pack design
  • Scalable 11.9 kWh modules, permitting series and parallel configuration for HV applications (+800 VDC)
  • +50% weight reduction compared to aluminium enclosure thanks for carbon fibre construction
  • 10% mass overhead with 120kWh at pack level
  • Proprietary Battery Management System


  • Energy: 120 kWh
  • Cont. Power: 237 kW
  • Nominal Voltage: 756 V
  • Specific Energy: 240 Wh/kg
  • Mass: 500 kg
  • Module Dimensions: 1042 x 472 x 94 mm
Are you looking for a trusted developement partner?

We are experienced at developing and manufacturing battery packs for the most demanding applications:

Motorsport and hyper car

We can help you achieve superior energy density and safety characteristics for your aircraft thanks to our knowledge in battery systems and composite components.

Bold Markets - Automotive

Transferring the know-how from motorsport allows us to work on EV, hybridor and IC hypercar projects in the composite bodywork / chassis and battery system areas.

Bold Markets - Evtol

We offer design and manufacturing of interior and exterior components made out of glass fibre and carbon fibre composites to help you find the best solution for your marine application.


We offer design and manufacturing services of structural and non-structural components used in all types or aircrafts.

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