Embracing Diversity in Barcelona’s Global Workforce

At BOLD, we celebrate our diverse team not just as a checkbox, but as a key element of our success. From Polish to Portuguese and from Swiss to Scottish, BOLD HQ is never short of interesting accents. With team members representing nearly 20 nationalities and conversing in 8 different languages, our workspace in Montmeló, Catalunya is a fusion of varied perspectives and experiences. From the warmth of Argentina to the charm of Andorra, and from the green landscapes of Ireland to the cultural richness of Italy, our team truly embodies the international spirit of Barcelona.

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For our customers, our diverse team offers cultural sensitivity, multilingual support, and a global market insight that fosters stronger connections. In addition to cultural diversity, the team here boasts a rich blend of experiences from various industries such as motorsport, aerospace, and top OEMs globally, giving us the ability to innovate and adapt to changing landscapes. This adaptability, coupled with representatives who share common ground with customers, contributes to our customers’ overall experience.

With Christmas approaching, there’s a lot of office chatter about going home for the holidays. As we stroll through the BOLD offices, we’ve asked some of the team to share insights into their home cultures and their experiences of moving to Barcelona to work at BOLD.

Adam Dicken: Project Manager

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Adam Dicken: Project Manager

Project Manager Adam leads battery pack development projects within the Electrification team, tackling some of the most interesting technical challenges in electrified mobility. Adam very quickly integrated with the team upon joining in Summer, 2022 appreciating the can-do attitude and impressive technical skills. He relocated to Barcelona from Staffordshire, United Kingdom to be with his Catalan partner and swiftly fell in love with the city. When asked about his favourite aspect of Barcelona, Adam said: ‘I really enjoy all the small festivals and local holidays. It’s an international city, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots. The Festes de Sants and La Mercè are big highlights in my calendar.’

Adam continued: ‘I find the people really warm and welcoming. Even in a city the size of Barcelona, it still has the friendliness of a much smaller place in the UK. I was surprised by the diversity within Spain, much like the UK, it’s a country made up of different peoples with different traditions, cuisines, and festivals. It’s great to get to know them all.’

While Adam doesn’t miss the British weather, he does occasionally find himself longing for British humour. Fortunately, with a few fellow Brits in the BOLD fold, he doesn’t have to look too far to enjoy a great pun or a well-timed sarcastic joke.

Luca Mantovan: Project Manager

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Luca Mantovan: Project Manager

Luca is from Torino, Italy, and serves as a Project Manager. Since joining in May this year, Luca has become a key player at BOLD, managing end-to-end battery projects in the Aerospace sector, as well as supporting our Sales team with Business Development. When asked about the culture at BOLD, Luca said: ‘You’re completely trusted to own your responsibilities, knowing your decisions directly contribute to the tangible success of the company. Paired with the incredibly international, warm, and welcoming team, relocating to Barcelona to work at BOLD has been very rewarding.

Embracing the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona, Luca appreciates the city’s international flair, sandy beaches, and, of course, tapas. One of Luca’s biggest surprises about Spanish culture was that people seem to have endless energy. With nightclubs open until 7 am, work/life balance takes on a whole new meaning in Barcelona.

Pilar Zamora: Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Pilar Zamora: Talent Acquisition Specialist

The historical and cultural ties along with a shared language between Argentina and Spain means there’s a significant Argentinian community in Spain. We have a few Argentinians in our realm, and you can usually spot them drinking and sharing their traditional and popular drink made from yerba mate called “mate.”

Amongst them is Pilar, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists at BOLD. Pilar’s relocation to Barcelona has been marked by an appreciation for the city’s architecture, quaint streets, and the array of activities it offers, ranging from restaurants to events.

Reflecting on Spanish culture, Pilar said: ‘I really admire the preservation of diverse communities with unique languages within Spain. I’ve found it fascinating learning about Catalunya everyday from some of the locals working at BOLD. Especially as we approach Christmas, learning about their quirky tradition of “El Caganer” has been very entertaining!’

‘Even though bakeries don’t offer the typical Argentina dulce de leche dip with churros, I’ve grown to love their hot chocolate dip instead.’ Said Pilar, reflecting on things she misses about home.

Eoin Cooney: Hardware Engineer

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Eoin Cooney: Hardware Engineer

BOLD’s lucky charm, Eoin, excels in his role as a Hardware Engineer. He plays a vital role in designing and testing PCBs for batteries, conducting tests on a battery system level, and actively participating in the production and certification processes of marine batteries. Originally from Waterford, Ireland, Eoin effortlessly bridges linguistic gaps with his colleagues and doesn’t let his Irish accent hinder him from embracing both Catalan and Spanish languages. At BOLD, he values the strong sense of community, where people are warm and readily extend help to one another.

Eoin has developed a love for Spanish delicacies like churros but has mostly relished the warmth, both in terms of weather and the people here. Reflecting on life in Spain, he said: ‘The most surprising thing about Spain is definitely the late dining habits. I’ve had to adapt to eating dinner about four hours later than usual, but the restaurants here are worth the wait. My girlfriend and I often secretly eat at 6.30 pm, but my Spanish friends would be outraged!’

While immersed in the vibrant culture of Barcelona, he can’t help but miss a good Sunday roast dinner, washed down with a pint of Guinness. Fortunately, there are Irish bars all over the city for Eoin to sample the perfect pint.

Franco Summermatter: Chief of Airworthiness

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Franco Summermatter: Chief of Airworthiness

Hailing from the sunny and mountainous canton Valais of Switzerland, Franco holds the position of Chief of Airworthiness at BOLD. In this role, he oversees technical compliance with certification requirements for aviation battery products and provides strategic advice to support decision-making processes. Franco emphasises the vital nature of his role, stating, “In aviation, without certification, there is no product.”

Discussing BOLD’s culture, Franco commends the team’s diversity, which originates from various industries and encompasses diverse experiences, confirming this as a valuable asset to the company. Franco moved to Barcelona in the summer and has quickly developed an appreciation for the diverse landscapes of Catalunya. With a pilot’s license of his own, he particularly enjoys the open skies in the countryside, offering much to explore.

Despite missing the fresh, crisp tap water of Switzerland, he considers it a small compromise for the life he now enjoys in Barcelona. Reflecting on the relocation, Franco notes, “The transition from Switzerland has been seamless, thanks to the friendly nature of the people and the willingness of everyone to lend a helping hand!”

Christopher Rini: Chief Engineer

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Christopher Rini: Chief Engineer

From the West coast of America to the East coast of Spain, BOLD’s Chief Engineer, Chris Rini, oversees the development of high voltage battery systems. Originally from Riverside, California, Chris values the warmth of both the people in Barcelona and the professional atmosphere at BOLD. When asked about the highlights, Chris said, “I love the fast-paced and highly technical atmosphere. There is never a boring day at BOLD!”

Chris’s relocation story is marked by a familiar climate, cultural appreciation, and a hint of nostalgia for the tastes of home. “I love the hot summers and mild winters. It feels like being back in Southern California,” he notes. “I’m also super happy to be close to the sea again. Barcelona has become my home away from home.”

A self-proclaimed ‘foodie,’ Chris has fully embraced the diverse and rich food culture in Barcelona. Despite his newfound love for the city, Chris admits he hasn’t found the right Mexican restaurant to rival his favourites in Southern California. I’m sure some of his new local friends would beg to differ!

Would you like to join our ecosystem of nationalities? If you’re considering moving to Barcelona, we’re looking to fill a number of open roles. Check out our website to learn more: https://boards.eu.greenhouse.io/boldvaluabletechnology. Don’t worry if you’re not a Spanish citizen, if successful in your application, our HR department will guide you through the process of obtaining your NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), ensuring a hassle-free transition to Spain.

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