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Our customers trust us because we understand their needs. We work hand-in-hand with global brands to help them innovate and overcome their technical challenges in light weighting, bringing a competitive advantage in the engineering development stage.

Applied Engineering

Composite and Mechanical Design

Our Formula 1 engineering roots make us the perfect partner for your high-end motorsport structural assemblies or cosmetic part needs.

Composite materials offer superior strength and stiffness to weight ratio over metal alloys that, in addition to other properties, make them ideal for high performance applications. These properties are often combined with metallic sections, which we also have a good experience working with.

Applied Engineering

Structural and Thermal Simulation

We have expertise in simulation that covers finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and battery simulation. Bold partners with Altair for Hypermesh FEA and Simscale for CFD and Mathworks for battery analysis.

Bold’s simulation is integrated with design so we iterate quickly to achieve design objectives efficiently. On top of a system that works reliably, we have many years of experience in our engineering team that bring value to our customers.

Projects we have worked on

We use advanced CAD systems to assist our customers with their engineering and development requirements. Projects we have worked on include:

Car tire
Motorsport body work, diffusers, brake ducts, wings
Battery and inverter enclosures out of composite materials
Composite engine components
Industrial Automated Storage
Industrial automated storage system head made with composite materials

Inspection reports

Bold can supply inspection reports that include dimensional inspection with CMM or inspection arm for hard points and laser inspection for surfaces. Additionally, we can perform pressure tests up to 6 bar, dielectric strength tests to 6 kW and resistance and continuity tests.
Are you looking for a trusted developement partner?

Our Formula 1-derived company culture sees us turning around technically complex projects in record times. We are trusted by dozens of businesses operating in many industries.

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