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Electrification Technology


BOLD Electrification Division offers a range of High Voltage Battery Systems for high performance applications.

We focus on performance and safety based on our engineering pedigree and internal testing capabilities. BOLD currently offers a 650V non-automotive applications and a 800V system for aviation propulsion.

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Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering Process

BOLD Applied Engineering Division provides engineering and design services for automotive, aerospace and motorsport sectors.

We have a core expertise in composite, mechanical, hardware and software development that can be deployed in multiple customer applications. We have around 50 engineers and growing to 200 by 2025.

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Our long-term vision focuses on continuously increasing value in our services by improving technology

Technology allows us to horizontally integrate our knowledge and experience to make all kinds of products: battery technology for vehicles, composite parts for aerospace or mechanical assemblies for industrial equipment.

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Transforming our know-how into valuable technology

From our headquarters situated next to the racetrack in Barcelona, Spain, we aim to transform our know-how into valuable technology that helps businesses launch their high performance EVs to market. Our customers are companies in high performance sectors including motorsport, Formula 1, hyper cars, aerospace and eVTOL/eCTOL.

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